Here’s just some of the feedback I have received helping people with their finances.

“If it weren’t for Greg, we would not have survived on one income alone all this time and would certainly have lost our home!”

Mr. C & Mrs. C. T

Graphic Design Directors, Flat Bush, NZ

“I had racked up $35,000 of credit card debt across 6 cards. I couldn’t see anyway out.
Over the following 3 years I had repaid all that I owed, about $73,000, was up to date with my taxes, and had an emergency fund in place.”
Mr. R.M.

Realtor, Dallas, Texas

“His money management methods we adopted early on, saved us thousands in lost revenue when we suffered a major disability 8 years ago and could not work as a result.”

Mr. S. & Mrs T.S.

Clothing Manufacturer & General Manager, Auckland, NZ

“After 4 years we had eliminated all credit card debt – approx. $62,000, reduced our mortgage by 40%, had a tidy emergency fund with $40,000 in it.”
Mr R. & T. Walstrom

Marriage Counsellor, Sydney, Australia

“Our money stress has gone, we have no debt now, and we have started save for a home for our family. Thank you, Mr Greg.”

Mr. H & Mrs P. Inoue

Café owner, Bay of Plenty, NZ

“Within months we began increasing our net worth as we repaid debt.”
Mr. T & Mrs. H. Gorton

Owners of small manufacturing business, San Diego, California