Greg Coldicutt is a veteran Licenced Financial Adviser and Business Owner in New Zealand.

Having started his career in the provision of financial services through the independent Firm he founded in 1988, he semi-retired to the beach in 2015 at age 52. He and his wife, along with their little dog, Henry, live in a beautiful seaside home in the Bay of Plenty, just 30 minutes north of New Zealand’s fifth largest city. Recently, he also became a grandparent for the first time, for which he is delighted.

Over the past 3 decades he’s built a highly successful career built upon helping everyday folks, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs on their journeys to financial freedom by mentoring them to make smart decisions about their money.

A small taste of his success would be his achievement of Rookie of the Year in his first year in business, and many others, including being awarded MDRT status for several years… this award, by the US-based Million Dollar Round Table, is awarded to the top 1% of Financial Advisers globally. Latterly, he was awarded Trusted Adviser status by the professional body, Financial Advice New Zealand.

Today, he continues to personally consult with a small yet select number of highly successful clients, using his proven tools to achieve financial freedom.

Greg’s semi-retired lifestyle and accompanying financial freedom has also provided the time freedom to do what he loves – relaxing with family and friends, landscape photography, building businesses, home improvement, gardening, studying new technologies, and regularly travelling New Zealand in his Motorhome with his wife and Henry.

The Signature program he now offers to an online global audience, The Smart Money Method, was born from his many successful years teaching clients personally in New Zealand but also from significant personal adversity in the mid-2000’s.

While today Greg and his family reap the rewards of decades of successful money management philosophy, he was almost wiped out financially when he was surprised by a particularly acrimonious relationship breakdown with a former partner. After a protracted fight through the highest courts, she unfairly won a significant amount of his pre-relationship wealth. To make matters worse, he was also left with significant six-figure debts to lawyers to repay, and poor stress-related health.

However, determined to play by his own principles against bankruptcy, he re-grouped and began actioning the successful strategies he’d been teaching clients and which he’d employed personally prior to the court action, with the goal to repay all debt, rebuild income and recover the lost family home.

Over the next handful of years, with hard work and smart decisions, he was able to achieve all those goals and much more. Less than a decade later he semi-retired to a beachside location, bought a million-dollar property, fully recovered, with minimal debt, and all by age 52.

From these experiences and the success achieved as he fought his way back to a strong financial footing, he realized he could mentor others to such financial freedom using the proven tools he’d used. Thus, over the past couple of years, he authored the complete system into what has become his propriety Signature program, The Smart Money Method.

Greg has now built this system into a series of books and courses and is now building online Group Coaching programs and individualized One-to-One Financial Coaching programs online as the Flagship of the series. Thus, there is a program for all budgets and starting positions.

Greg says, “If you follow my system, you, too, over time and with diligence, could find financial success, whatever than means for you personally, reduced financial angst and stress, and a happy life to live to the full and enjoy, all while keeping an eye on your future and leaving a legacy for your family once you pass on. I’m living proof my system works and I wish you every success and blessing as you embark on my programs.”